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Why Greedy Goldfish?

Welcome to the Greedy Goldfish. This is our first post and we decided to explain the site name. Our little goldfish as the myth say has three-second memory. With this feature, forgets everything that happens beyond the past three seconds. Goldfish is always hungry eats everything without hesitation. Very greedy creature.

The environment where our little greedy goldfish lives seem like chaos. People think that there are a lot of sharks hunting over the place. Fortunately, there are only whales and different size of fishes. Let’s talk about the whales first. This one is the biggest friend or foe of our little greedy goldfish. Sometimes helping him swim with the current, sometimes just crashing out of the position. Without any warning or sense, just changing directions.

Do not forget the other neighbors, the bigger fishes. Those who are trying to do everything to lure the smaller ones to their ideas. Some of them think they are sharks, but statistics prove them wrong all the time.

An average lifespan of a goldfish is about one to five years. But as with fishes, the first born may not live out by the month. Especially when the winter is coming to mash up with other favorite things.

Hope everyone realized that the Greedy Goldfish is the average trader on the market. Our goal here is to give you some hint how the trading works (not the markets, because no one knows it for sure). Many sites and newsletters try to be neutral when talking about the markets. We are not. This blog will give you our opinion on trades, markets, articles, software, training programs, books, etc. Hope you will enjoy it.

If you have any thoughts do not hesitate to contact us. Leave a comment on any blog post and let’s start a conversation.

Greedy Goldfish Team

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