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Market Week 43

So far nothing interesting happened. If you check last week’s charts the same view welcomes you. The sideways movement under the resistance line and the Brexiting in the news section.

ES from Bloomberg

It looks bullish with a huge movement potential to the upside. This is what the chart says. Before that, it has to break the strong resistance area.


Somewhat shadows the former chart of the S&P500 index. This is also bullish but weaker. The price sits on the EMA20, so far supported it.

Dow Jones Industrial Average from Bloomberg

Still in the uptrend but farther away from the resistance. Nothing new here compared to last week.

Russel 2000

As the biggest sideways index, it is heading to the resistance region. Above the EMAs again without that much strain.

Russel 2000 from Bloomberg


Hard to write this week about the markets. Nothing special happened except that Beyond Meat (BYND) went under $100. The market is still in cooking mode. Last year’s Q4 was interesting, I hope this year would be the same.

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