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Market Week 44

This week produced new highs on two indices. S&P500 went trough the resistance zone within two sessions.

ESA from Bloomberg

This movement is not so strong. We arrived at the end of the resistance zone and stopped. Now I expect to try out floating here and if nothing comes we move forward while the market carefully looking for signs of weakness.


This is the second which has new highs. Still on an uptrend lately. The news filled with semiconductor recovery so this is expected.

NQA index from Bloomberg

The default bull market is still on.

Russel 2000

Heading to the resistance line in the eternal sideways movement.

RTY index from Bloomberg


This is the weakest right now from the indices. Still, default bullish. The resistance line is far away compared to the others. No new highs yet.

INDU Index from Bloomberg


The market is still cooking with the new highs. This is a cautious movement if no bad news interrupts we could expect further away. Maybe the biggest Christmas rally is coming to town or we will see a causeless drop like last year.

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