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Market Week 45

This week we see brand new highs on every index. Most of the tickers are going up. Today morning the trade war again has some constructive talks. So newer highs were set in the premarket. Everything is still in uptrend so why fight against it. Guessing the top is not worth it. Only gamblers fight against the trend.


INDU from Bloomberg

New highs were set with ugly small boring candles. QE makes new highs.


ESA from Bloomberg

New highs today again. Nice sitting with closing prices on the former resistance levels. The smaller and steeper uptrend line in the chart could serve as the stop for the long positions. I think everyone remains skittish.


NQZ from Bloomberg

Same here. Nothing unusual.


RTY from Bloomberg

There were new highs for two days. But yesterday it went under. Not easy to breach this strong sideways resistance line.


With new highs and small candles, nothing interesting happens in the markets. As long as the trendline stays it will continue the up movement. Somehow this latest move from the former lows looks extended. No real retracement happened so far. Maybe some more up days and the latest support line above former lows will be tested.

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