2017 Summer Market Outlook

SPY Certainly, a bullish long-term trend. Lately, we had sideways down with frightful moves to the south. Last week we started a strong up move. The $250 is not so far, a really nice round number everyones dream. The EMA’s are expanding we are far away from support levels. If I would like to join the prediction business I [...]


Updating Trading Idea: AMD

After leaving the green buying zone, there was six day up movement. On Thursday there was a sell-off which one could use to buy again. The movement is still intact. $15.00 is ahead of us, after breaking up that number we could expect for a surge as it was after $8.00. The green zone is still a buying zone. Is it the right time [...]


Trading Idea: AMD Updated

AMD dropped with the market. Right now it’s entered the buy zone: This is the place where you enter into longs. We will see how eager everyone buying AMD, longer it is into the green zone the less interest to buy and move it higher. The stop is under the red line. Yesterday the market movement was bigger than AMD’s. [...]


WK 26: Surprise

Yesterday there was a nice surprise for everyone who thought it is going to be an easy short. The first-hour erased Wednesday gains. Then it headed south with panic. But still: The triple support system holds with the magic number 2400. After that, as usual, the market was bought. Today it is Friday the happy day. When the [...]


WK 26: S&P 500 Movement

As usual, I analyze the drop in the S&P500 index and it’s ETF the SPY. This is my third post so far and I will keep on whenever a significant drop will occur. Right now we are heading south to a triple support system. The first and biggest is the EMA50 than the modified up trendline from April 2016 and a horizontal [...]


Trading Idea: AMD

I have traded many times, one of my favorite stock: AMD. The perfect example of an uptrend stock made 126% in a year. One can say I am emotionally attached. However, I have bought Intel processor for my PC early this year and Nvidia for a graphics card two years ago. I recommend now because it has a good setup: The red line [...]

Trading Ideas

Still on the move: AKS

  Working fine so far. Breached the EMA 50. The stop is the red trend line, semi-stop is the white uptrend line. Update: 27-06-2017 So far so good, not that healthy as an AMD up move. On Friday there was a huge happiness on the chart. Friday + New Highs = look for an exit for profit. You can get back in anytime after.


WK 24: S&P 500 Drop

On Friday there was a surprise move. But not on NASDAQ where the index dropped huge compared to the last movement. I will use the chart what I used before on the WK 20 post on market drop. The new thing on this chart is the last white uptrend line. Friday’s drop stopped on the brown EMA20 trendline combo support. If it is [...]


Fighting a Losing Battle

The active trading sometimes feels like flogging a dead horse. Actively managing positions shouts for mistakes. Those mistakes cost you badly. Trading with discipline is tiring over time. Not like physical tiredness when you just sleep and rest one or two days and regenerate. In trading, when you win continuously your mental [...]


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