Fighting a Losing Battle

The active trading sometimes feels like flogging a dead horse. Actively managing positions shouts for mistakes. Those mistakes cost you badly. Trading with discipline is tiring over time. Not like physical tiredness when you just sleep and rest one or two days and regenerate. In trading, when you win continuously your mental [...]


Trading Idea: JNPR

In our latest post, we found JNPR out of several stocks. I will use Stockcharts.com charts to analyze our findings. I try to keep it simple as possible. Weekly chart The JNPR is in the highs right now on weekly. All of the Exponential Moving Averages are over each other in order. ADX over 20, higher highs, higher lows, clearly [...]


Online Trading Tools Part 2

Google Finance Today I will introduce you Google Finance or GoFi. The basic tool for your online trading. You do not have to check your trading system all day long to see your stocks moving while browsing the internet. I assume you have a Gmail. If you log in, this page is also connected to your Gmail account. On the left [...]


Online Trading Tools Part 1

I could have given the name Top Free Trading Tools or The Best Trading Tools for Beginners but I hate those click-bait post titles. So it will remain as it is. The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can find many useful free tools, but the point is that you have to search for them. So I created this post to help [...]


Why Greedy Goldfish?