Market Week 50

Last week we have got a confirmation move which implies that this market still ready to move. So this week a cautious up move still continues. From the FED comment, this got another green light for new highs. Seems like nothing could stop now to reach new highs and set new records. S&P500 Week 50 Still bullish. I expect [...]


Market Week 49

This week’s start was a strong sell-off. Within two days we have seen EMA(20) and also EMA(50) on major indices. The market still trying to get back to highs but so far the up movement slowed. This could be a nice trend reversal if we breach the former lows. Don’t forget the last year’s December downward [...]


Market Week 47

One index is refuse to make a new high. If someone following me every week he already knows which one is that. Yes, that’s our sideways hero, the Russell 2000. Other indices made new highs without a retracement so far. The more we ignore healthy movement the more aggressive the retracement will be. Uptrend intact on [...]


Market Week 46

Again new highs on every front. Most of the major indices created new highs. No retracement on the horizon so far, but yesterday’s (12.11.2019) close was somewhat a warning. Let’s see the daily charts of the indices. SPY The former steep uptrend line was broke with yesterday’s close on this index. We are far [...]


Market Week 44

This week produced new highs on two indices. S&P500 went trough the resistance zone within two sessions. This movement is not so strong. We arrived at the end of the resistance zone and stopped. Now I expect to try out floating here and if nothing comes we move forward while the market carefully looking for signs of [...]


Market Week 43

So far nothing interesting happened. If you check last week’s charts the same view welcomes you. The sideways movement under the resistance line and the Brexiting in the news section. It looks bullish with a huge movement potential to the upside. This is what the chart says. Before that, it has to break the strong [...]


Market Week 42

We had a busy week lately with lots of good news. Trade War is still on, despite the great deal signed on Friday. If everything related to everything is really hard to strike a deal. China Tensions everywhere again as of today. 2019 is the market of Twits. No matter what let’s see what the chart says. Dow Jones Industrial [...]


Market Week 41

The market was volatile lately. We were under EMA(200) for a brief moment then it reversed to get back to EMA(50) and EMA(20) cross. Which means a more controlled fall. A nice candle formed under the EMA(50). We will see today if the redline can hold back the next wave. Now it looks like it can. Yesterday’s end of day [...]


Market Week 40

The sideways movement continued until the start of October. The SPX tested EMA 50 several times and for the 3rd attempt it broke down. Here is the chart: Yesterday it stopped at the red line. If bad news keeps coming then we will go under it. Another scenario could be a jump back to the cross of EMA20 and EMA 50. At this moment [...]


Market Week 39

Exciting times again. After a really boring September lately, Ms. Media began to create everything is fine articles. “It could move higher”. Yesterday was a slap. First, let’s see SPX: The exponential moving average of 20 (orange) was breached. Today the EMA(50) (blue line) is the next support altogether with [...]


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